• Dariusz Skalski Academy of Physical Education and Sport Jędrzej Śniadecki in Gdansk
  • Damian Kowalski Academy of Physical Education and Sport Jędrzej Śniadecki in Gdansk
  • Igor Grygus
  • Natalia Nesterchuk
  • Oksana Zabolotna State Pedagogical University of Paweł Tyczyna in Uman

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physical culture, rural environment, health education, healthy lifestyle


Due to social, cultural and moral differences, the rural environment belongs to the group of physical culture entities with separate specificities. One-off opportunities and threats cause that implementation to create attitudes towards the body as well as health-promoting behaviors become a challenge and mission. This work systematizes the possibilities of the blind pedagogue in physical education and health education. Through media, children become more lazy. They spend little time outdoors, they don't want to exercise, which makes them obese, and every little trivial matter is difficult for them. More and more children in the countryside prefer to play computer games than go out to the field to play football with friends or run. physical activity is also influenced by the family - it is from this that most people take an example, especially children, the atmosphere around physical education and sport at school, and the impact of the peer group in which they stay. The most important factors conditioning human physical activity include social and professional status, level of education, material status, age, health status, family relationship to physical activity, amount of free time, sports and recreation infrastructure in the place of residence, level of knowledge about health, traditions. People from cities move to the countryside to relax from the momentum, noise and noise. They like the village very much, not only because of the landscape but also because of the nice and willing neighbors. Living closer to nature, you can listen to birds singing, watch various insects, animals and not stress yourself with street noise. It is also an interesting solution for people who like a dog or a cat, because these animals have free range in the yard. The air in the countryside, due to the lack of more cars and factories, is practically free of toxic fumes and exhaust gases, which is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of living in the countryside. Rural children and youth, in terms of physical fitness and development, are not always equal to children and urban youth, whose living and working conditions are more conducive to comprehensive development.


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Skalski, D., Kowalski, D., Grygus, I., Nesterchuk, N., & Zabolotna, O. (2020). PHYSICAL CULTURE IN A RURAL ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH EDUCATION. Rehabilitation and Recreation, (6). вилучено із

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